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Zanzibar Guide

Zanzibar has long been a dream destination for tourists worldwide. Chances are you already saw a lot of pictures from its sandy beaches on the tiffany-colored shores of the Indian Ocean. But there is much more to this island than those comforting beaches. If you dare to explore, you’ll find much more – be it the labyrinths of Stone Town’s ancient streets, calm life of the coastal villages or wildlife of the jungle – it is all up to you.

The main island of Zanzibar archipelago is Unguja, and I will be referring to it as Zanzibar for simplicity. I’ve tried to gather some practical information from my trip to Zanzibar in June 2017 into a series of blog posts and will summarize them here for quick reference.

  1. Arriving to Zanzibar: Visa, Money, Internet, Local SIM Card
  2. Renting a car and driving in Zanzibar
  3. Eating in Zanzibar
  4. Things to do in Zanzibar
  5. Visiting Zanzibar during Ramadan
  6. Zanzibar FAQ: Safety, Interacting with Locals, Tides, Shopping, Exporting Fruits

To get you inspired, here is a video from our trip:

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Please feel free to contribute in comments and update the information. I hope this guide would help to prepare for your trip and enjoy every minute you spend on the island!

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  1. Well written Slava, I will gladly add the link to my and also facebook page. Glad to know that you thoroughly enjoyed “my” island. Cheers, Gaby

    1. Thanks a lot, Gaby. This blog is quite new and I highly appreciate your help!

      1. you are most welcome

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