How to make a free stopover in Doha and visit Qatar

Did you know that you can have a free night in Qatar while flying with Qatar Airways? It is not uncommon to spot some flights with connection time of over 8 hours, which is usually enough time and stimulus to get out of the airport and explore the city. Qatar airways, however, went a few steps further and offers an opportunity to have a free stay over with a free night in a 4* or 5* hotel on any flight, connecting via their hub in Doha.

In a light of the recent easing of visa restrictions for nationals of 80 countries this offer becomes even more attractive. Free hotel offer is available until the 30th of September, 2017 as of now, so hurry up if you want to take advantage of it.

Here is how you can book the stay over:

1. Book a multi-segment flight

In order to take advantage of the offer, make sure that you book your flight using the Multi City option. For example, if you’d like to fly from Vienna to Bangkok, your booking should look something like this:

Qatar Airways Multi City Booking

2. If you need a transit visa, apply for one

If you don’t qualify for visa free entry to Qatar and need a transit visa, apply for it online. The process can take about 2 weeks, so do it as fast as possible.

3. Book your free hotel stay right away

Qatar Airways offer a good selection of 4* and 5* hotels. For a 50 USD fee you can book a second night as well. I have stayed at the Westin Doha hotel, however I would probably choose another one next time. The hotel is really good, but I’d prefer a different location. For example, in the Souq Waqif – the old quarter of the city.

Enjoy Doha

Doha is not a common tourist destination, but still, there is enough activities for a day. Highlights include the Museum of Islamic Arts, Souq Waqif, Katara Cultural Village and more. Here is my guide on how to spend a day in Doha.

Here is a link to the offer on Qatar Airways website.

Have you stayed over in Doha? Please share your experience in comments!

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  1. Hi Slava …. i was trying to take advantage of this off which is now valid till December 30 according to the site, but it seems like when i try to book a multi city flight, it raises my original cost of flight by a significant amount, as opposed to if i just booked a regular flight which stops over in Doha anyway ….. also do you know if there needs to be a minimum stopover for me to be able to take advantage of this offer?

    1. Hey Faheem, I don’t think there is a minimum stopover. I also saw that on some dates adding a stopover bumped the price up. But on the date I needed it was fine. It might also depend on the particular flight time you select if there are multiple flights a day. Thanks for reading!

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